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Case Studies: Utilities



EPB has a respected reputation for their considerations of local businesses, their environmental responsibility, and their dedication to the unparalleled security to their customers. Partnering with Resource 1 Electronics was a natural fit for several reasons: 1) Information Security, 2) Supporting Local Business, and 3) Responsible Recycling of Shredded Material. Resource 1 has been an integral partner to EPB in helping them achieve these requirements consistently.




Information Security

EPB is one of the largest publicly owned electric power distributors in the country serving over 170,000 homes, and one of the largest and most innovative Internet service providers serving around 175,000 homes in a 600 square mile radius. In 2010, the company implemented the world’s first ultra-high speed community Internet offering, and continues to innovate. Due to an increasing dependence households and businesses have on the fast Internet, EPB controls countless amounts of confidential information that simply cannot fall into the wrong hands. This led their forward-thinking IT department to establish a partnership with Resource 1, who offers a similar level of innovation in the area of end-of-life information security.


Supporting Local Business

EPB has always, and continues to place emphasis on the community in which it is a part. From sponsoring local events to supporting local schools, EPB plays a large role in the community they live in and service.


Responsible Reuse & Recycling

EPB has implemented a number of energy saving and environmentally responsible actions as a company. From their Smart Grid allowing minimal energy waste to their PEER certification by the USGBC for their highly-automated and modernized infrastructure. It is this spirit that led EPB to consider the environmental impact of securely destroying and disposing of their company’s decommissioned computer systems. An all-too-often overlooked aspect of a corporate sustainability practice, EPB carefully considered this in choosing a destruction partner.





Through an in-depth conversation with EPB’s IT Department, Resource 1 was able to customize a strategy to help them reach or exceed their requirements and keep their information safe.


Information Security

EPB houses retired data-bearing devices in multiple locations throughout the Chattanooga area, and because Resource 1 has perfected their secure processing and shredding services in a mobile application, there was never a need for the devices to be centralized as Resource 1 was able to transport a shredding unit to each EPB data storage facility completely mitigating any risks associated with the transportation of devices.


As a further precautionary measure, the manager of Desktop Support was able to witness every device being destroyed and sign-off that there was never an instant where a gap in security could have arisen.


Supporting Local Business

Because of the commitment EPB has made to the Chattanooga community, partnering with a local business like Resource 1 was an easy decision. There are numerous benefits to working with local companies, but perhaps one of the main benefits was that EPB could be ensured that Resource 1 would directly service all of their locations every time, and never sub-contract any aspect of the process to another company. This meant that EPB always had a direct contact with their secure destruction partner, and more importantly that all paperwork related to vital device serialization was remained uniform and consistent across all locations every time destruction was performed.


Partnering with a local destruction company like Resource 1 also allows EPB to process and destroy decommissioned devices in a more timely manner than they would be able to if working with a non-local company, which reduces the time they store data-bearing devices further decreasing any chances of a breach of that information.


Responsible Reuse & Recycling

EPB engages in numerous sustainability and environmentally conscious company practices, and the chance to keep thousands of pounds of toxic e-waste out of landfills and waste streams remains a cornerstone in their partnership with Resource 1. In May 2013, the downtown EPB building achieved the LEED certification.


Every single device destroyed is recycled according to the most up-to-date EPA, ISO, and R2 classifications, and a written report is provided to EPB at the conclusion of each visit outlining the amount of e-waste responsibly recycled. Just in the year that EPB has been working with Resource 1, they have been able to responsibly recycle roughly one thousand pounds of otherwise toxic materials.





EPB is able to continue providing unparalleled service and be a trusted partner to the community through its innovative and forward-thinking approach to securely destroying and responsibly disposing of retired IT equipment. EPB generates large amounts of decommissioned devices containing private information, and is able to consistently mitigate all risk associated with this through the timely and total destruction by Resource 1.


All materials processed by Resource 1 are completely reused or recycled responsibly contributing nothing to landfills or toxic waste streams. Certification of responsible recycling was provided to EPB for their records. Resource 1’s local headquarters allows them to service EPB faster than a non-local partner would be able to, and since Resource 1 is local they require no minimum to schedule a visit, further decreasing the time EPB is storing information-bearing devices.





Resource 1 has a consistent and timely partnership with EPB, and regularly visits their data storage facilities to shred decommissioned devices. This will continue and the amount of time EPB will be required to store data-bearing devices will remain minimal.

About Resource 1



Resource 1 is a regional leader in the on-site destruction of data bearing hard drives and backup tape media. Our highly secure NAID AAA Certified destruction processes, coupled with our state-of-the-art machinery and environmentally conscious practices, make securing your organization's most important information easier than ever. We have  met or exceeded all government and legislative regulations and mandates overseeing the proper destruction and disposal of data bearing devices and decommissioned IT equipment, and ensure that everything we handle will be thoroughly and securely destroyed and never recovered.

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