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Shredding Vs. Other Destruction Methods

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Time is money, and in the IT field that is perhaps more true than in any other field. Our clients are busy and value every second of their time, and we at Resource 1 understand that. That's why we designed our processes and methods of destruction to be more convenient and expedient than any other method of data destruction, guaranteed.



Hard Disk Drive Wiping Procedure


Standard 1 pass wipe= 2 hours (conservative estimate)


DOD 3 pass wipe= 5 hours (conservative estimate)




Hard Disk Drive Shredding by Comparison


Standard process and shred= 1.5 minutes (conservative estimate)


Degauss and shred= 3.5 minutes (conservative estimate)




Time–Value Calculations and Estimates


We can process and shred 120 HD in the time it takes to perform a single pass wipe on a standard size HD.


We can process, degauss, and shred 85 HD in the time it takes to perform a DOD 3 pass wipe on a standard HD.


If you have 100 HDD, it will take 200 hours to perform standard wipes, and 500 hours to perform DOD wipes.

That is 5 weeks for standard, and over 12 weeks for DOD level.


If we have 100 HDD, it will take us 3 hours to process and shred them, and 6 hours to process, degauss, and shred them.


We can do in a half day what it takes you to do in 12 weeks, and achieve a higher level of information security.

About Resource 1



Resource 1 is a regional leader in the on-site destruction of data bearing hard drives and backup tape media. Our highly secure NAID AAA Certified destruction processes, coupled with our state-of-the-art machinery and environmentally conscious practices, make securing your organization's most important information easier than ever. We have  met or exceeded all government and legislative regulations and mandates overseeing the proper destruction and disposal of data bearing devices and decommissioned IT equipment, and ensure that everything we handle will be thoroughly and securely destroyed and never recovered.

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