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Service Area

Headquartered in Chattanooga Tennessee, our service area encompasses the Southeast around a 350 mile radius. This includes Nashville, Knoxville, Birmingham, Atlanta, Memphis, Greenville, and Huntsville. Because we offer all of our services on a mobile platform, this allows us to come to your facility or data center without ever asking your organization to risk violating chain-of-custody of sensitive information bearing devices. Your data will never and should never leave your site in their complete form, even if they have been erased.


There is a growing amount of research and information showing the increasing abilities of relatively skilled people being able to extract valuable data from erased hard drives and various data bearing media. This alarming trend means our industry of secure data destruction is more important than ever, and we understand the need for organizations to have their devices destroyed rather than simply wiped or erased.


This is why we offer all of our destruction services on a mobile platform, meaning we can perform all of our services at your facility, while you witness the entire process firsthand. We work across industries to protect what's important, and each geographic location poses unique challenges and needs depending on the industry serviced.



About Resource 1



Resource 1 is a regional leader in the on-site destruction of data bearing hard drives and backup tape media. Our highly secure NAID AAA Certified destruction processes, coupled with our state-of-the-art machinery and environmentally conscious practices, make securing your organization's most important information easier than ever. We have  met or exceeded all government and legislative regulations and mandates overseeing the proper destruction and disposal of data bearing devices and decommissioned IT equipment, and ensure that everything we handle will be thoroughly and securely destroyed and never recovered.

National Institute of Standards and Technology Better Business Bureau Recycling Industry Operating Standard National Security Agency Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Information Systems Security Association International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers US Government Verified Vendor