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Responsible E-Waste Recycling

Our Mission is to help keep electronic waste out of landfills and waste streams


We have been providing IT Asset Liquidation Services since 2007 and have recycled and kept hundreds of thousands of pounds of e-scrap out of landfills in that time. You may rest assured that materials entrusted to Resource 1 will be recycled following R2 and ISO certified practices and federal regulations. We guarantee that no e-scrap processed by Resource 1 Electronics will wind up in landfills or in a foreign country.


100% Recycling & Re-Use


We maximize the lifecycle of every component of a discarded device by breaking down equipment to particulate and recycling/re-using. This keeps recyclable materials out of general waste streams and obeys the golden rule of recycling, that re-use is the best form. Our recycling partners across the United States have state-of-the-art facilities with machinery that systematically separates all of the components of electronic waste into their recyclable product streams.


Full EPA & R2 Compliance


Resurce 1 has always followed EPA laws as well as industry standard Responsible Recycling “R2” practices for every piece of equipment we process. Our clients want a simple means of verifying that an electronics recycler is forthright and responsible about how they manage used and obsolete IT equipment. At the same time, R2 Compliant recyclers want a means of highlighting their core values and performance to customers.


Resource 1 is fully compliant with all federal regulations and adheres to these practices on a voluntary basis, enabling customers to make better-informed decisions and have increased confidence that their end-of-life particulates will be dealt with in a responsible manner. R2 compliance also requires electronics recyclers to assure that toxic material streams are managed safely and responsibly by downstream vendors all the way to final disposition.


Most times Resource 1 can remove your retired computer systems and electronic equipment at no charge if you are a current destruction client, meaning that if you receive destruction services from Resource 1 we will include recycling of all electronic equipment from your facility at no additional charge.


We understand that our clients don't want the headache of dealing with the shells and remaining components of computer systems once the threatening data bearing elements have been removed and destroyed, and therefore offer recycling as an inclusive service. Our clients demand a level of service, professionalism, and responsibility that serves as the cornerstone of our company. At Resource 1 we are raising the bar for what it means to be secure, responsible, and protected.



Our Partners


Resurce 1 works with numerous recycling partners to ensure the highest level of responsible recycling of electronics in the industry. Our partners, some of which have exclusive contracts with Resource 1, manage all aspects of the recycling process from removal to teardown to smelting to reintegration in the marketplace.


If you have any questions about our electronics recycling philosophy, processes, or partnerships, please contact us today and one of our representatives will be happy to help.

About Resource 1



Resource 1 is a regional leader in the on-site destruction of data bearing hard drives and backup tape media. Our highly secure NAID AAA Certified destruction processes, coupled with our state-of-the-art machinery and environmentally conscious practices, make securing your organization's most important information easier than ever. We have  met or exceeded all government and legislative regulations and mandates overseeing the proper destruction and disposal of data bearing devices and decommissioned IT equipment, and ensure that everything we handle will be thoroughly and securely destroyed and never recovered.

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