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Chambliss Law needed to complete a floor sweep and replacement of employee workstations and organizational server disk arrays in a timely manner to mitigate noticeable impact on employees and clients. This presented a problem on four fronts: 1) information security, 2) expediency, 3) responsible recycling of decommissioned equipment, and/or 4) realize some form of return on investment (ROI) from the retired equipment to help offset the purchasing of new updated equipment.





Information Security

Chambliss servers and employee work stations contain very confidential client information that simply cannot be compromised during any point of the life cycle. All data-bearing devices needed to be removed carefully from their host, documented, and thoroughly destroyed leaving virtually no potential for breach.



In order to reduce the impact of the IT sweep on clients and employees of the firm, the process of secure removal and destruction needed to be completed as quickly as possible, while maintaining the highest level of detail and care. A protracted period of downtime was not an option for the large and growing firm.


Responsible Reuse & Recycling

Chambliss Law is committed to environmentally sustainable practices In its operations. Their offices in Chattanooga Tennessee are LEED Gold certified, utilizing natural lighting and sensor activated equipment, and other energy-saving programs. They have a robust recycling initiative and also engage in healthy employee appreciation events and opportunities through fitness and various extracurricular activities. Therefore, the firm was unwavering in their demand that the decommissioned IT equipment be recycled as responsibly as possible, with little to no adverse impact on the environment.


Return on Investment (ROI)

Chambliss requested information on ROI for the retired IT equipment in efforts to help offset the cost of the data destruction initiative.





Through an in-depth conversation with the firm’s administrator and IT department, Resource 1 was able to customize a strategy to help Chambliss reach or exceed their requirements.


Information Security

Resource 1 completed an initial on-site inspection was completed of the firm’s data storage area(s) to evaluate the logistics and initiate a plan of action. Chambliss had information-bearing devices stored in different locations so the first step was to centralize all of those devices in a single secure location. Once centralized, the data-bearing elements of the systems were removed and separated from the rest of the equipment to be serialized. Resource 1 used a barcode scanning device and software to capture the server, model, and serial number of each data-bearing device. This information populated a spreadsheet given to the client at the end of the process to maintain for their records in the case of an internal or external audit. Upon completion of equipment serialization, the data bearing devices were carefully stored and locked in a high-security container provided by and only accessible to Resource 1. A mobile shredding unit was then transported to the firm, where the devices were shredded while the firm administrator and cleared members of the firm’s IT department witnessed the process to document chain-of-custody issues.



Resource 1 utilized several mechanisms to expedite the process and achieve minimal impact on employees and clients to produce little or no downtime. A barcode scanner quickly and thoroughly captured server, model, and serial numbers from each device processed. State-of-the-art shredding machinery permanently destroyed all data-bearing devices in a fraction of the time of other destruction methods.


Responsible Reuse & Recycling

The residual shredded hard drive and tape material as well as IT equipment with little or no market value was assembled by Resource 1 and transported to our responsible recycling partner Smart Metals in North Carolina. Smart Metals is ISO 14000-1, R2, and EPA compliant in their handling of IT equipment. Upon arrival, Smart Metals smelted the material to make new IT devices.  Some decommissioned systems were reused by employees, once new hard drives and operating systems were installed.


Return on Investment

The remaining decommissioned equipment was serialized and a value assessment performed by our remarketing partner, Harwood International Corporation. All equipment holding market value was separated from equipment with no value that needed to be responsibly recycled. All equipment was securely transported to Harwood’s secure storage facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The equipment holding value was photographed, and listed to be resold.




The firm was able to have the data-bearing elements of nearly 300 decommissioned IT work stations securely and thoroughly destroyed at their facility in front of cleared representatives. Taking this step allowed the firm to be recognized as Tier 3 compliant in their information security procedures.


The entire process from beginning to end was completed in two working days, greatly reducing the impact of such a large transition on the organization’s internal work flow as well as client base. All materials processed by Resource 1 were completely reused or recycled responsibly contributing nothing to landfills or toxic waste streams. Certification of responsible recycling was provided to the firm for their records.


Resource 1’s strategic remarketing partner, Harwood International, was able to successfully resell the decommissioned IT equipment, creating a ROI that offset the cost of the secure destruction of the data-bearing devices by approximately 45%.




Resource 1 outlined a regular destruction schedule with Chambliss Law to provide consistent, secure destruction of the firm’s data-bearing devices and responsibly recycle all remaining systems upon decommission.


About Resource 1



Resource 1 is a regional leader in the on-site destruction of data bearing hard drives and backup tape media. Our highly secure NAID AAA Certified destruction processes, coupled with our state-of-the-art machinery and environmentally conscious practices, make securing your organization's most important information easier than ever. We have  met or exceeded all government and legislative regulations and mandates overseeing the proper destruction and disposal of data bearing devices and decommissioned IT equipment, and ensure that everything we handle will be thoroughly and securely destroyed and never recovered.

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