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Magnetic Media Degaussing

When your organization generates data that is highly secure, and absolutely cannot be breached, we can perform electromagnetic degaussing prior to and in conjunction with our shredding services. This extra step means that the information contained on the magnetic disk or tape can never be reconstructed in any form. Coupled with shredding, this renders your breach potential to 0.00001%.


Useful for government applications containing highly classified information, electromagnetic degaussing is the process of generating two highly potent magnetic alternating pulses that pass over the disk, rendering it completely useless. Most of our clients prefer the disk then be shredded, not only as an added layer of security, but also so that the residual particles can be recycled.


Degaussing, coupled with shredding, is by far the most secure method of data destruction currently available. Because the degaussing process is electromagnetic in nature, it will not work with non-magnetic devices such as Floppy and Compact Disks, USB drives, or Solid State Drives. However, shredding of these devices pulverizes them beyond recognition. And, through our proprietary process of intermingling all residual particulates, any left over data remaining on the device will be virtually unreconstructable.



Our degaussing machinery has been recognized and approved by the National Security Agency (NSA), and renders the data and the device completely unusable.


Though this step of the security process seems redundant, the redundancy is built-in and serves as a necessary precaution for government organizations or any company engaged in the generation, dissemination, and storage of highly classified information.





We work with clients in a myriad of industries and data types, and some of the top healthcare and financial institutions in the Southeast trust us to destroy their most important information. We guarantee your information will be handled, processed, destroyed, and recycled in a professional, expedient, detailed, and turnkey manner no matter the size or complexity of the job.



About Resource 1



Resource 1 is a regional leader in the on-site destruction of data bearing hard drives and backup tape media. Our highly secure NAID AAA Certified destruction processes, coupled with our state-of-the-art machinery and environmentally conscious practices, make securing your organization's most important information easier than ever. We have  met or exceeded all government and legislative regulations and mandates overseeing the proper destruction and disposal of data bearing devices and decommissioned IT equipment, and ensure that everything we handle will be thoroughly and securely destroyed and never recovered.

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